Science Reports

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Stress Might Age the Immune System, New Study Finds
Toxic Particles in Inhaled Air Take a Direct Route to the Brain
When it comes to ADHD and ASD, the eyes could reveal all
Connection Map Reveals Changes in the Injured Brain
Study Links Depression with High Levels of an Amino Acid
How the Cerebellum Controls Our Ability To Socialize
How Dogs Became Man’s Best Friends, From a Genetic Perspective
Experimental Pill to Treat Parkinson’s Is Safe, Trial Finds
Patients That Easily Quit Smoking After Brain Damage May Hold Clues for Addiction Treatments
No Reduction in COVID-19 Hospitalizations, Deaths with Ivermectin
Assessing the specificity of the relationship between brain alpha oscillations and tonic pain
The Human Brain Is Warmer Than the Rest of the Body
Massive Pacemaker Cells Produced in Parkinson’s Breakthrough
Exposure to High Levels of Air Pollution in Early Life Impacts Brain Connectivity
COVID-19 on the Brain: Neurological Symptoms Persist in Majority of Long-Haulers
Fewer Than Half of U.S. Pharmacies Carry One of the Most Effective Drugs for Opioid Abuse
How the Brain Responds to Surprising Events
Mouse Immune Cells Destroy Nerves’ Coating, Causing Chronic Pain
Type 2 diabetes may accelerate brain function decline
Move Over Apoptosis: Another Form of Cell Death May Occur in the Gut
Why Ketamine Is a Speedster Antidepressant
Newly-Discovered Brain Cell Sheds Light on the Formation of Memories
Understanding Why the Memory of Fear Stays in the Brain
Seeing When and Where Odors Are Processed in the Brain
Eight Weeks of Meditation Doesn’t Change the Brain, Study Finds
How Addictive Internet Apps Tap Into Our Brains’ Reward Pathways
Ultrafast Imaging Reveals Brain Activity in Unprecedented Detail
How Gut Microbiota Affect Brain Health
Super-Strength Parkinson’s Brain Scans Reveals the Fading “Blue Spot”
Why Autism Therapies Have an Evidence Problem
When unconscious, the brain is anything but “silent”
Coronavirus ‘ghosts’ found lingering in the gut
Common Medications Can Prolong Back Pain When Overused, Study Says
How the Brain Fires Up When Eyes Meet
Specific Brain Cells Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
New Form of Astrocyte–Neuron Communication Is Identified
Revealing How Ritalin Sharpens Attention
Inflammation, Rather Than Virus Provoking It, May Be Key to COVID-19 Loss of Smell
New sleep molecule discovered: “It shows just how complex the machinery of sleep is”
Different Dietary Fibers Affect the Body in Unique Ways
The Brain Dynamically Changes Size Throughout Life
How the Brain Deals With Messing Up
Scientists Identify Overgrowth of Key Brain Structure in Babies Who Later Develop Autism
Brain Fog Caused by Long COVID and Chemo Appear Similar